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Experience the value of maintenance

Since 1984 we unburden our customers in the maintenance and adjustment and manufacture of moulds.
With our extensive machinery and our knowledge, we ensure short lead times for your project.
This allows you to fully concentrate on producing your injection moulded products.

Our capabilities

Laser welding

If your moulds have burrs or other signs of wear such as broken parts, we can often repair them using laser welding.

Depending on the parent material and the application, we can add different types of hard and soft material.

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CNC milling
With 8 CNC milling machines we can schedule your project at short notice. In consultation with the customer, the choice is made to repair an existing part or to create a new one.

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Wire-cutting (EDM)

With wire cutting we can create sharp contours in your project. Wire Electrical Discharge Machining can be applied to both hardened and unhardened materials.

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Die-sinking EDM

With die-sinking we can make a very accurate adjustment over a great depth. The electrodes spark in the material. All  our electrodes will be made in-house, which improves lead time and flexibility.

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Deep hole drilling

Based on our philosophy to be able to carry out all operations in-house, BeGeDo has invested in the multifunctional deep hole drill SAMAG TFZ-2.  This allows us to drill holes with a depth-to-diameter ratio of 100:1.

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Grinding (planar)

Whether it concerns finishing work after hardening or flattening and adjusting a surface, planar grinding is a commonly used basic operation.

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Onze projecten voeren wij uit met behulp van CAD software. Data kan zowel door onze klant worden aangeleverd als ook door onszelf getekend worden.

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(Dis)assembly and fitting

Repairs and fitting of moulds often start with the disassembly and cleaning of the mould. Our floorshop also carries out preventive maintenance on moulds.

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Your mould in top shape

Your mould has produced successfully for years, but you run into problems. Think, for example, of damage to mold parts, film formation at partial seams, wall thickness differences, malfunctions in the ejection system, poorly functioning cooling systems, overspraying or malfunctioning hot runners, etc.

Your end product is subject to change, which means that a mould change has to be implemented? Does your imported mould have a number of issues that need to be addressed? Do you want to make a modification, but the CAD data is not available or not up-to-date?

Do you want to have a new mold built from Dutch soil?

With years of experience in mould building, mould adjustment and mould maintenance, we carry out the most diverse work on moulds for the automotive, bicycle, logistics, energy, construction and outdoor industries, among others.

Thanks to our all-round team and the possibility to carry out all operations in-house, we come to practical and fast solutions so that your mould is in top shape.


Craftmanship and customized work at toolmaker BeGeDo

At BeGeDo we are specialized in the maintenance and adjustment of molds in various applications and sizes, where mold parts up to 16 tons can be received.

With more than 150 years of combined experience, our toolmakers are able to find out the problem with your mould like no other. In consultation with you, deduce practical solutions and implement them with craftsmanship and teamwork, even if you do not have any mould drawing available.

In our workshop we disassembles and cleans your mould, then the parts at our CNC machining centres are modified, repaired or renewed. After this, the parts are professionally fitted into the existing mould, we provide the mould with new grease, O-rings and the  assembly is checked for functionality before we report it to you ready.

Our milling machine with a capacity of 10 tons also enables us to implement certain changes composed so that we can unburden our customers even faster.

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We are proud!

of our manufacturing company in the Achterhoek

of our sustainable customer relationships

of our experienced professionals

of our machine park

of our knowledge and skills

of our family owned company

We’re here for you


Do you have an existing product that needs to be made changes? Does your mould no longer deliver the desired quality products after years of loyal service? Let us know; together we discuss the possibilities and feasibility to get your project back in order..

Your question is the beginning of our solution.